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The standings have been updated and the brackets are up ! Captains, check your standing and then go to brackets to see when, where, and what team you will face. Good Luck to all of our players !Oh, yes...REGISTRATION FOR OUR 2018 FALL SEASON IS AVAILABLE NOW ! THE NEW SEASON WILL BEGIN SEPTEMBER 11, 2018. SPACES WILL BE LIMITED FOR THE NUMBER OF TEAMS IN EACH DIVISION THIS SEASON. THANKS !


Playoff Brackets are up. Playoffs start Monday 8/6. When the makeups are done and the scores are in, I will update the brackets with the teams. Updated to add the Finals will be played on August 19, 2018 Downtown at the Wells Fargo Plaza, Market Street SE and Salem Ave. SE Link to the event:

Last Season's Champions

A - Gum Balls B - OMG C - Back at Cha



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