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Greg says...

Our new season will start Sep.16, 2018 ! Thanks to all of you for helping our league to grow! There will be Open Gym time available from 6 30 until 8 00. The cost for this is $3.00. There are several teams that haven't paid their team fee and will need to do so asap. If We hace,to cancel due to bad weather, I will post both here and on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone that helped get this season ready to go and see you at the gym!

Schedules are Up

Schedules are online. Captains, see your emails. Every team needs to look at their schedule carefully. We are playing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and a few Wednesdays. Teams may play at 4:30 one Sunday and then 5:30 the next Sunday. We even have some matches at 6:30 on Sundays. Teams may be playing back to back matches or have a 2nd match scheduled for the same week. Check your schedule carefully!

Last Season's Champions

A - Gum Balls B - OMG C - Back at Cha



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