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Nate says...

Fall season schedules are up, games start on Monday the 22nd. Hey, if you see Mike Rose (shorter, grey haired guy, plays A-league ball, little to no vertical) take a second to say thank you for doing the schedules. We don't get paid for this stuff and scheduling is a giant pain. A simple thank you goes a long way for the volunteers that run this thing. Respect Mike, respect.

Play Ball

Schedules are online and checked. We had a lot of special requests and were able to accommodate most. Play starts Monday the 22nd. Look at your schedules closely. We have a couple of blackout days which caused us to have to do some "arranging" of the schedules. You might play twice in the same week, on different days. Please look carefully to avoid missing a game. Questions can be directed to Mike R.

Last Season's Champions

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