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The last day of our regular season is Sunday, April 8. The first day of our play-offs will start on Monday, April 9. The brackets are posted to the right , as well as the standings. The standings may change after the regular season matches are played on Sunday, so check back after 9:00 Sunday evening to see where your team ended the season in the standings. Then go to your bracket to see when your team will play. On a less confusing note, our Summer League season sign-ups for Junior Doubles, Adult Doubles, and Adult Co-Ed Sixes are ready ! TX!

Schedules are Up

Schedules are online. Captains, see your emails. Every team needs to look at their schedule carefully. We are playing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and a few Wednesdays. Teams may play at 4:30 one Sunday and then 5:30 the next Sunday. We even have some matches at 6:30 on Sundays. Teams may be playing back to back matches or have a 2nd match scheduled for the same week. Check your schedule carefully!

Last Season's Champions

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