RVVA 2 - Hits Harder

Greg Grimes


Greg says...

I want to do the rained out matches this week. C League will play their regular July 15 at 6 30 and their make up match at 7 30. B League will play their regular 16 match at 6 30 and their make up match at 730. A league will play their July 15 match on Wednesday July 17, and their make up at 730. Thanks! Greg

4s Tournament 7/20

There will be a Coed 4's & Jr 4's tournament this coming Saturday July 20th at the American Legion Field in Salem! Adult Coed teams will consist of 2 guys & 2 girls. Jr teams will be all girls. Registration will take place that morning between 8:15-8:45am with play to start at 9am. Cost is $15 per person for Adults, $10 per person for Jr's. See you there!

Last Season's Champions

A - Gum Balls B - OMG C - Back at Cha



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