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Nate Jones


Nate says...

Fall Signups are online, right down there in the left hand corner of the screen. See it? Okay good. Now while you are thinking about it, why not just go ahead and text your team and make sure everyone is in for the upcoming season at the Spectrum. I'll wait...group texts work well. It will take 10 seconds. Have everyone CashApp or Venmo you their share. Good, now lets keep that momentum going by registering. That wasn't so hard, was it. No scrambling as the registration deadline approaches. Thanks for your commitment to our leage. See you out there!

4s Tournament 7/20

There will be a Coed 4's & Jr 4's tournament this coming Saturday July 20th at the American Legion Field in Salem! Adult Coed teams will consist of 2 guys & 2 girls. Jr teams will be all girls. Registration will take place that morning between 8:15-8:45am with play to start at 9am. Cost is $15 per person for Adults, $10 per person for Jr's. See you there!

Last Season's Champions

A - Gum Balls B - OMG C - Back at Cha



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