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Juniors Doubles Reigstration

Only one teammate needs to sign-up per doubles team.

Description of Divisions


Players in this division are usually in middle school (6th-8th grade) and have only been playing volleyball for 1 or 2 years. Also, if they have played outdoors, it has only probably been 1 summer.


Players in this division will usually have played on a Junior Varsity volleyball team at school (9th and 10th Graders). They will also have several years of experience playing volleyball and more then likely have played outdoor volleyball before.


Players in this division will mostly be Varsity age players. They will mostly have at least 4 years of volleyball experience indoors as well as played outdoors before.


This division is for teams consisting of boys and girls. The Co-Ed division will play on a different night from the other junior divisions so that the girls can participate in both without conflict.

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Week-nights we play are Mon-Wed. Please list below any night that will NOT work. No Guarantees.

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Teams Already Registered
Player Partner Division Regdate
Cara ButlerJackson SwansonCo3/29/2019
Jacob maysJenna huxCo3/24/2019
Kendall BirdleboughRyan ButlerCo3/31/2019
Maya IngramJack ShepherdCo3/30/2019
Megan DoyleJalen CookCo4/22/2019
Abby McNamaraHolly Enyart J13/18/2019
Abby StoehrCarsyn KotzJ13/13/2019
Abigail ProffittGrace TreleaseJ13/17/2019
Anne Hayden HallBailey StrattonJ13/10/2019
Ava AmosClaire HigginsJ13/31/2019
Ava LuckeyAbby CrosserJ13/1/2019
Ava LuckeyAbby CrosserJ13/1/2019
Avery FlynnKhana NguyenJ13/21/2019
Chloe MuscaroNeed a partnerJ13/11/2019
Claire ThieleckeTaylor Prillaman J13/6/2019
Elle Williams Grace WarmanJ13/14/2019
emily tuckemmerson abshireJ14/3/2019
Gia JanigaKaylee HagadornJ13/23/2019
Haley TylerMadison TylerJ13/14/2019
Julia ParkerAlex ClayJ13/20/2019
Katie Grace McClungSophia NicelyJ13/18/2019
Katie JohnsonJamie ForsterJ13/25/2019
Kayla LoftisMadison TrottmanJ13/8/2019
Kendra MimsAva Pugh J13/6/2019
Leah BouldinElla SlagleJ14/4/2019
Lilly MoretzJaylin NittiJ14/5/2019
Lilly PearsonTerran BrownJ13/2/2019
Maddi CarterCalli AndersonJ14/3/2019
Maddi CarterCalli AndersonJ14/3/2019
Madison trottmanKayla loftis J13/8/2019
Madison TylerHaley TylerJ13/14/2019
Megan PomerleauCampbell HardinJ13/8/2019
Olivia CookRylee RuggJ13/19/2019
Sarah PolkReghan Dixon J13/19/2019
Sawyer WilsonMahre SwansonJ13/6/2019
Tate ThomasMyah CrewsJ13/19/2019
Tinsley ThomasCameron Walsh J13/19/2019
Anna DeweaseSydney WhorleyJ23/11/2019
Anna Holladay Kasey Fitzgerald J23/20/2019
Audri ThomasKendall ManningJ23/31/2019
Autumn BaileySydney PriceJ23/27/2019
Bailey MinesCarrington ScothornJ23/31/2019
Bailey MinesCarrington ScothornJ23/31/2019
Cadence AkersMicheala HedrickJ23/31/2019
Caleigh PonnAmelia Thomlinson J23/19/2019
Callie HarrisJaden McCoyJ24/1/2019
Claire GrifithAudrey ConnorJ23/21/2019
Delaney ElerRosie GilesJ24/4/2019
Ella WalkerMia Esworthy J24/1/2019
Emily EanesNatalie McMahonJ23/12/2019
Emma JohnsonJulianna StephensonJ23/25/2019
Evy EversoleLydia GallbreathJ24/2/2019
Gracean Laine RatlifEmma KelleyJ23/13/2019
Gracie WalkerAlenna WilliamsonJ23/6/2019
Haley JohnsonEmma Snyder J23/21/2019
Hannah Hylton Cara Butler J23/14/2019
Hartley CockramAshley HostetterJ23/27/2019
Isabella GustafsobSydney LoderJ23/13/2019
Jordan IngramMegan PoffJ23/11/2019
Kai BowenPaige GraybillJ23/6/2019
Karmin OsborneLilah VankeJ23/25/2019
Kinley Spinks Hannah Breeden J24/4/2019
Lexie cobbEmily Dudley J23/12/2019
Macy CalhounBailey CalhounJ24/4/2019
Nora SpickardBrie Beddingfield J23/18/2019
Reese Redford Elizabeth DuhanJ23/7/2019
Rhyan HarrisFaren WilsonJ23/20/2019
Skykar AskewMarella HudsonJ24/3/2019
AbigailCaroline J34/1/2019
Ayron WalkerSam KostelnikJ34/3/2019
Isabella GustafsonSidney LoderJ33/9/2019
Jolie IngramKaitlyn FergusonJ33/11/2019
Kenleigh GunterMiette VeldmanJ34/1/2019
Madeline ClouserParker HudsonJ33/31/2019
Sage Beddingfield Jordyn Kepler J33/19/2019



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