RVVA 2 - Hits Harder

Indoor Play

We currently run two indoor seasons, one in the Fall and one in the late Winter. The indoor seasons are played at the Girl Scouts of America Sports Complex located off 220 south at 5488 Yellow Mountain Road. From anywhere in the valley, get on 581 south, eventually it will turn into 220 south.

Careful as you pass the parkway, as the police love to ticket in this area. Another mile and half down the road after you pass the tattoo parlor on the right and a motel on the left, you will see a left turn lane that heads up a hill. That's your turn. Up over the hill and down the other side and look for a sign that says Icamani Camp on the right.

Of course if you are coming from the south, head up 220 N, not sure what landmarks their are from that direction.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor season, which includes our doubles play, runs during the Summer months. The field is located on Apperson just west of Electric Road (419). The nets are setup in one of the two fields out front, and we generally try to park in the shade of the trees that line the road. There are port-o-potty's up at the legion that are available for our use. Yay!



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