RVVA 2 - Hits Harder

Team Registration

Team Fee is $350, with a non-refundable $100 deposit due before you will be added to schedule
Doubles Fee is $70 per team.
These rate increases will help us as we transition to a new indoor facility.

Checks can be sent to the following address (make payable to RVVA)

PO Box 692 Daleville, Va. 24083

Team Name*:


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Level of Play*:

Conflict Day*: (we will try our best)

Type the name you see in the picture exactly as you see it and then hit submit:


Teams Already Registered
Registered Team Captain Date Level
EvilDaddoGreg Grimes 3/4/2019A
Flutie FlakesRoyce Steiner3/7/2019A
Jack and SamJack Jagodzinski3/8/2019A
Block CityCraig Burkholder3/6/2019B
CervezaCerid Lugar3/7/2019B
GBUBasil Conner3/21/2019B
Happy HourErika Hoffman3/15/2019B
OMG !Greg Grimes 3/4/2019B
Serv-ivorsDaniel Smith3/22/2019B
That's What She SetShelby Wynn3/17/2019B
Aqua NetsMike McEvoy3/21/2019C
Beta BlockersMaddie Osterhaus3/18/2019C
Over The Top !Greg Grimes 3/17/2019C
We Showed UpIlona Parks3/3/2019C
Aaron & SamAaron King3/7/2019CA
Bam and Lightning McGeeDave McGee3/20/2019CA
Basil and RachelRachel Beierle3/11/2019CA
Becca and SteveBecca Loftis3/6/2019CA
Chey & ClayClayton Carver3/7/2019CA
Dre and KeriDre3/13/2019CA
Jack and Sam.Jack Jagodzinski3/8/2019CA
Mo & MitchMitchell Peeler3/7/2019CA
Other Jack & Other SamSam Swanberg3/9/2019CA
2 Legit 2 HitJosh Maddox3/3/2019CB
Hanging onKyle Wright3/7/2019CB
Heather & EdHeather Osborne3/5/2019CB
Jonathan and AvaJonathan Amos3/8/2019CB
Mark and KellyKelly Eanes3/14/2019CB
Aaron & BasilAaron King3/11/2019MA
Bobby & JohnJohn Wissinger3/17/2019MA
Captain Jack & Captain MorganKyle Wright3/7/2019MA
Clayton & MitchMitchell Peeler3/7/2019MA
Dont SuckBen Denton3/7/2019MA
Dre and JoeDre3/13/2019MA
Becca and MollyBecca Loftis3/6/2019WA
Emily & BaileyEmily Conner3/20/2019WA
Jordan and GrayceJordan3/21/2019WA
Morgan and Mary Morgan Sirbaugh 3/6/2019WA
Moriah and RachelRachel Beierle3/11/2019WA
Rachel & SamSamantha Peeler3/9/2019WA
mountains got meFelicia Gallucci3/2/2019WB



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